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Perhaps you or one of your nearest has had need for one of the many organisations Lions clubs support and help fund.

Maybe it was the wonderful care provided by Marie Curie nurses or help through a dark period in your life provided by Durham Samaritans, it could be that someone you loved was involved in a life threatening accident and was whisked off to hospital by the Great North Air Ambulance.

It could be of course, that nothing of this nature has ever happened  to or your friends and family so you feel it is time maybe, to put something back, in other words to help those less fortunate than yourself. Not by just putting your loose change into a collecting bucket at a supermarket, but by being active in an organisation which helps fund a multiplicity of worthy causes both locally and internationally.

You want to help? Good!

City of Durham Lions Club welcomes both male and female members and you can attend one of our meetings without any obligations, we'll even pick you up and take you home if you haven't got transport.

Contact details are below, so come on, give it a bash.


              If you can't  join us but would still like to help, we welcome donations, (of course we do).


              Any amount will help, and remember every penny collected for charity goes to charity.

   No one gets paid, we are all volunteers.

                                                                                              Contact Tony at:-



City of Durham Lions Club

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